Skills/Compétences Canada

For 9 years, I have volunteered at Skills/Compétences Canada, a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of careers in technology and skilled trades. As Co-chair of Skills Canada’s National Technical Committee of Graphic Design, my responsibilities include identifying sets of skills and techniques that should be tested, designing the project scope and judging criteria, and evaluating competitors at the secondary and post-secondary level during annual skills competitions. I work with other committee members and educators across the country to define a curriculum that includes unique projects each year.

This page showcases some of the work I have done throughout the years, including an informative website ( for educators and prospective competitors, competitor packages, and the site plan process.

ORGANIZATION: Skills/Compétences Canada
MY ROLE: Project Development, Judging, Site Planning, Recruitment of Judges and Volunteers, Communication & Web Development

Photo Courtesy of Skills/Compétences Canada