Moriyama Daido

This is a tribute project for photographer Moriyama Daido from Japan and Whitechapel Gallery in London, UK. Working with the premise that Whitechapel Gallery will be hosting a show of Daido's work, I created the overall exhibition branding. Though this was only a conceptual project, I felt the excitement throughout the entire process as if this exhibition would really happen.

MY ROLE: Art Direction, Design & Production

CREDITS (A-Z): Edward Gale (Photography for Website), Jenny W. Hsu from The Wall Street Journal (Text & Photography for Website), Moriyama Daido (Photography for all Artwork), Simon Lee Gallery (Text for Website), Steven Kasher Gallery (Text for Brochure & Postcard), Taka Ishii Gallery Kyoto (Photography for Website) & Whitechapel Gallery (Text & Map Illustration for Postcard & Website)